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ChatGPT: Threat or Opportunity?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is advancing rapidly, with ChatGPT being all over the news these days.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is advancing rapidly, with ChatGPT being all over the news these days. For seniors, ChatGPT may not be a threat, but for our grandchildren, we should be concerned about the future effects of ChatGPT on their careers.

Today, ChatGPT is used for writing posts for social media, e.g., Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. captions for Instagram posts. ChatGPT presently offers the ability to pass infamously tricky tests such as the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and the Master Sommelier theory examinations. It scored a hefty 92% on the introductory Court of Master Sommelier test, 86% on the Certified Sommelier exam, and 77% on the Advanced Sommelier exam. It also scored an impressive 163 on the LSAT, a sufficient score to gain entry to a top 20 law school in the U.S. Soon, it will be used for drafting legal documents, suggesting layouts for presentations, creating, or explaining software in different computer languages, and summarizing or rewriting text passages in several languages. This is where our grandchildren will face an enormous impact on their careers. Imagine if ChatGPT can do the work of a paralegal - why would a lawyer hire a human? If ChatGPT can do the diagnostic work of a Primary Care Physician, why would medical groups hire them? Initially, ChatGPT will assist humans, and many believe it will create new opportunities and jobs we have not thought of yet. This is where we as seniors come in. We need to understand what ChatGPT is and what it could mean for your grandchildren. First learn about ChatGPT: create an account at – it’s free and prompt ChatGPT with your question. Start with a good prompt. Better questions mean better output. Be clear and concise. Your prompt should be brief and to the point. Give a detailed example: “Can you suggest some tips for organizing a small closet with limited space”. Use specific language: “Give me a brief overview of the latest electric car models. Once you understand what ChatGPT is today, think about the future. Technology increases at an exponential rate. Computer power will be many times greater in just a few years. How much greater will future versions get with this greater computer power? Consider also what this means if China uses this power to further their quest to overtake the U.S. or if Putin uses it to increase his ability to invade?

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