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Central Recreation Center

About the Oakmont Technology Learning Center

The OTLC is an all-volunteer organization. We are always looking for ideas for classes and for new volunteers of all kinds: not only teachers and assistants to share their knowledge but also volunteers to help in other non-technical ways to keep the Center functioning.

Board Members


Pat Barclay


Aruna Donde


Kathy Sowers


Linda Canar

Barbara Dudley


Jeff Zalles

​Peggy Clark

Jeff Neuman

Team Members

Current Instructors

Pat Barclay
Leslie Brockman
Contessa Bunn

Linda Canar
Jeff Neuman
Rich Osborne
Marilyn Pahr
Allen Parsons
Kathy Sowers
Sonoma County Library Staff


Assistants and Contributors

Tina Bockstahler
Peggy Clark
Judie Coleman

Aruna Donde
Barbara Dudley
John Tan
Nadine Toby
Jeff Zalle


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